Offshore Centre

Reasons for Offshore Development

Cost Savings: One of the primary reasons organizations opt for offshore development is to reduce labor costs. Countries with lower wage levels can offer competitive pricing for skilled professionals.

Access to Talent: Offshore development allows companies to tap into a global talent pool and access specialized skills that may be scarce or expensive locally.

Scalability: Organizations can easily scale their development teams up or down based on project requirements without the complexities of hiring or laying off employees.

Offshore Development Models

Outsourcing: Entire projects or specific tasks are delegated to an offshore team or vendor. This model provides flexibility and cost savings but requires effective project management.

Offshore Development Centers (ODC): Organizations set up their dedicated development centers in offshore locations. This approach offers more control and long-term collaboration but involves higher initial setup costs.

Staff Augmentation: Companies hire individual offshore professionals or small teams to work alongside their in-house teams. This model provides flexibility and specialized expertise.

Challenges of Offshore Development

Communication: Differences in language, culture, and time zones can lead to communication challenges, which can impact project progress and quality.

Quality Assurance: Ensuring the same level of quality and standards as in-house development can be a concern.

Data Security: Protecting sensitive data and intellectual property may require careful consideration and safeguards.